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The Business Breakfast Netwoking Events are proving to be very successful and we have a number of options to choose from to maximise the benefit both you and your company gets from the meetings.
Please see the list below for details.
To see when our next networking event is please visit the Events page.

Entry per Person £10
Entry for One person plus Display Stand £20
Entry for Two People plus Display Stand £25
Display Stand Only (Big Ticket holders per Breakfast Event) £10
Advert on the website for 1 month on the Home Page £30 (Please call for Details)
Advert on the website for 1 month on the Inside Pages £20 (Please call for Details)
Event  Sponsor - Logo on 2 Newsletters £100 (Please call for Details)
  Website Advert for 1 Month after the event  
  display area at the event